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eCommerce Sites

  • We o­ffer fixed prices from the get go, there are no hidden costs. Our base eCommerce package is just $8595+GST 

  • Professionally designed for you and your business – we don’t use templates. Every site we create is unique and is built from scratch.

  • Responsive Design - More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. We will build your website with a unique design that will work across all the platforms including Tablets and Smart Phones.

  • E-commerce websites designed by Datadog are easy to use, easy for customers to find the products they want, and easy for them to spend money with you.

  • Website administration is a breeze and requires no technical knowledge to keep your site up-to-date and ahead of your competition.

  • We provide a full service e-commerce solution, which means that you have the back-up of our experienced team of internet professionals. This includes training and on-going technical support.


Allows you to see at a glance the things that need attention, orders in the system together with a summary of how the site is doing (visitors, conversions, sales) against your budgets.

Automatic image optimization and sizing

You don’t have to worry about loading a picture/image as to whether it’s going to be suitable for your website and the web. Our system automatically takes care of it.

Page Editor

It provides an easy-to-use Word-like content authoring environment that is fast rendering, supports multiple browsers, and has tons of features.


The system allows you to run promotions including providing discounts to certain customers or by a discount code that can be given to potential customers. They can also be set at a product level.

Newsletter Marketing

The System tracks which customers opened it, which customers bought as a result of the promotion. It calculates conversion rate, total sales & average transaction value. This is a perfect tool for working out how effective your marketing campaigns are.


Simply building a website does not guarantee you will get visitors. Just like your bricks and mortar shop, it must be marketed. Click here for more information

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine optimization has been built in to our websites. Our system will automatically populate ‑fields including the page title, description, URL is based on a flexible formula which can be easily modified and overridden. This allows for continual refinement of the SEO process. If you are in a competitive industry we work in with SEO experts who can help get you to the top of Google. Click here for more information


In most circumstances, features customers request are readily available as part of our core module. However, if more customised development work is required then we are happy to accommodate your requirements. Basically we can do anything you want and our prices are very reasonable.


We will help you create a stunning money making machine. To do this we have developed a unique system that has the following steps:

  • Plan it

  • Design it

  • Build it

  • Promote it

  • Analyse it

  • Improve it

For more information on the process please click here

Hosting and Backup

Hosting from $55+GST per month.

Datadog makes every endeavour to ensure your website will be available on the net 24/7 with minimal down time for server updates, security updates and the like. Our servers are co-located in Auckland. The facility features dual redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, along with auto-start generator backup. The facility is manned 24/7 365 days per year. Equipment is stored on a sealed, secure level of the building, with full DKS protection and intrusion alarms. All websites are routinely monitored ensuring early identication and rectication of any problems. Daily backups are done on a weekly cycle (i.e. tapes are over written on a weekly basis). We also keep a monthly backup of the previous three months. Customers can of course easily make copies of their own website pages.

Don’t take our word for it

Take a look through a selection of the work that we have done and click here to see what some of our clients say

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Extend our system by integrating with:

Along with Point of Sale Systems and SMS / PXT Technology

Integrate with the following Payment Gateways:

  • DPS PaymentExpress®
  • Paystation
  • PayPal™
  • Paymate
  • ANZ eGate

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If more customised development work is required then we are happy to accommodate your requirements. Please call us on 0800 328236 or Email us