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Integrate your customised Datadog ecommerce website with MYOB

We build fully customised Ecommerce websites which integrate automatically with MYOB. We provide unique solutions (we don’t provide one size fits all solutions) and we are aware that business owners will often have set up MYOB in a particular way and we are happy to incorporate that into the integration.

Regarding integration

Our integration software is typically installed on your server which enables your Datadog Ecommerce Website to automatically communicate with your MYOB Software. This allows the 2 systems to seamlessly update each other with minimal input from you. This removes unnecessary manual duplication between the systems such as

  • Re-keying orders into MYOB when your customers have already entered these online.
  • Updating product information, prices and stock levels on your website when you already have this information in MYOB.
The time savings are significant and the opportunity for errors are greatly minimised and this will free up your time allowing you to get on with more important things.

The integration includes an automated routine which will update the 2 systems (Ecommerce website – MYOB software) every 15 minutes or as preferred.

MYOB will push Product Information to the Website
  • Stock Code
  • Stock Description (name)
  • Notes
  • Prices
  • Weight
  • Categories
  • Tax Rates
The website will push Order information to MYOB. Website sales will be written back into the MYOB system as unprocessed sales orders to the Cash Sale Account or you could set up a Web Sales Account. Alternatively web customers’ accounts can be linked directly to the customer debtor account in MYOB.

A significant advantage that we can offer is that here at Datadog we control/develop all aspects of both the website and the integration into MYOB. We will take care of the set-up and the implementation phase and we will look after you on an on-going basis.
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Extend our system by integrating with:

Along with Point of Sale Systems and SMS / PXT Technology

Integrate with the following Payment Gateways:

  • DPS PaymentExpress®
  • Paystation
  • PayPal™
  • Paymate
  • ANZ eGate

Learn more about integrating your website

If more customised development work is required then we are happy to accommodate your requirements. Please call us on 0800 328236 or Email us