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Website Marketing

Simply building a website doesn’t guarantee you will get visitors to your site. You need to market your site at every single opportunity and offline marketing is just as important as online marketing.

Offline Marketing

Promote your website in all print, radio, TV and Yellow Pages advertisements.
Add your website to all press releases.
List your website on all corporate stationery – business cards, letterheads and even envelopes.
Your website can be sign written on all corporate vehicles, on the building, on billboards, on company clothing, and on absolutely every last piece of advertising in which your company name appears!
Include your website in your voice mail messages – this might encourage customers to visit it whilst they wait for their call to be returned.

Online Marketing

Include your website address in your email signature – this ensures ready access to your site for anyone receiving your message.
Attracting more customers is also about organising strategic and sustainable links with other relevant websites.
List your website on Online Directories, Yellow Pages, Regional Directories, Industry Specific Directories, Online Shopping Malls and so on.
Contribute to Blogs, Newsgroups and Forums and include your website address.
Consider using Online advertisements such as pay per click marketing.

Use your customer database

A customer database is a very valuable tool. Capture subscribers online so you can market to them (remember though, under the new spam laws you need permission to do this and you must have a clear pathway for anyone to unsubscribe at any time).
You can send customers who have given permission information on everything from upcoming events to special deals.


E-newsletters cost nothing – no paper, printing or postage costs.

Email marketing

A well-thought out email marketing campaign outperforms traditional direct marketing. Keep your emails simple and relevant to your customer so they read them.

Ensure your website is search engine-friendly.

To get noticed by search engines specific keywords and phrases must be built into the website.

Monitor your website traffic.

Use the system built into our websites to easily find out from customers where they heard about your site. You will know what web advertising is working for you and what isn’t. Site statistics mean you can track and analyse the number of hits and identify the site through which your customer arrived, keywords used in searches, pages users viewed, and much more!
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Extend our system by integrating with:

Along with Point of Sale Systems and SMS / PXT Technology

Integrate with the following Payment Gateways:

  • DPS PaymentExpress®
  • Paystation
  • PayPal™
  • Paymate
  • ANZ eGate

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