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During the InsureItsSafe build the client had another idea for a web application for the ITO industry that would help students update their units and track in job work experience. A lot of the ITO units were setup as PDF’s so the challenge was to create a system that would enable students to fill in their units online including inserting images into the units but at the same time keeping the setup and admin from the ITO side of things to a minimum. The site also needed to allow access at multiple levels including logins for the main ITO, ITO Assessors, Workplace Assessors and students.

System Highlights:

  • Design – The client liked the InsureItsSafe design that we designed for them so much that they chose to use it as the base for the ITONZ site as well.
  • Easy to use - The web application was to be used by users with a range of computer skills so our challenge was to make the system as easy as possible to operate in order to keep any training/support needed by the ITO’s to a minimum
  • In order to keep the ITO admin to a minimum we added the ability for them to be able to upload their existing PDF documents and enabled them to set areas inside the document where the students could enter notes and answers.
  • The students were then able to login and fill in the PDF units online along with inserting any images that they uploaded or sent through from the App as below. 
  • iPhone & Android Integration – Students have the ability to send through work place notes and images directly to a unit or to an online diary directly from their iPhone & Android. The system also captures the GPS location of where the photo was taken.
  • Once the students had completed the units the ITO Assessor and Workplace Assessors were able to login to the system and mark and comment on their progress.
  • Image optimisation – In order to keep drive space usage to a minimum images uploaded by users are automatically scaled to a suitable screen resolution size.
  • 24/7 access – We host the system on our NZ based servers which are constantly monitored for capacity and uptime. 

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